El Botin

The unique attraction of the restaurant is its’ antiquity – having been opened in 1725, it is the oldest restaurant in the world. In Guinness World Records it is known as Sobrino de Botin. They also have a stove of the same year, which has never been stopped! In 1765 Francisco Goya himself was working in the restaurant, as a dishwasher. During the Civil War in Spain, the restaurant was functioning as a canteen for military men. Hemingway was writing his novels there. Nowadays the restaurant maintains the historic atmosphere of all the passed epochs.

As to the cuisine: salad Botin, garlic soup with eggs, gazpacho, artichoke hearts with Iberian ham, roast suckling pork, grilled filet mignon Botin, clams Botin, coffee house wine etc. Service is wonderful. Cuchilleros, 17, Madrid, Spain

Location – Madrid, C/Cuchilleros, 17
Cuisine – Spanish
Average per/person – from 50€ to 100€, that depends