Seminars for doctors

Семинары для врачей_FINALSeminar “Providing medical aids, foreign experience”

Days: 5 studying days
Place: Barcelona, Spain
Language: Spanish with simultaneous interpretation

After the seminar all the students get a certificate and training appliances in English.

Main seminar topics:
Public health system in Spain
Organising national health care system
List of services provides
Financing and paying systems in medical care
Types of medical care
Principles of providing the first aid, out and in-patient care
State policy in health care, actions to strengthen health and to take preventive measures
Social programs – interaction procedures with authorities and organising social programs locally
Quality of medical care and services. Accreditation system and quality monitoring in medical care of any stage. Medical standards (proceedings of the most wide spread diseases).

Providing medical care and managing a medical institution:
coordination and management of medical centres network, management models and principles of organising medical care. Practical case of management in a territory with 120 thousand people: 1 hospital, 8 medical centre, social assistance centre, medical care department domiciliary.

Policlinic CAP (Policlinic aid centre). The main principles of medical care providing, policlinic structure, management model, teamwork principles, a list of policlinic services, interaction and coordination with hospital structures, medical centres design.

State hospitals network. Extremely difficult cases, management. Scientific studies programs, communication among university clinics, trainings and internship for practitioners.

Private medical centres of Catalonia. Medical services and management model of a private medical centre, scientific studies programs, communication among clinics, trainings and internship for practitioners.

The seminar cost is 9000 €

Seminar “A CLIENT is the main person in a medical centre”

Days: 4 studying days
Place: Barcelona, Spain
Language: Spanish with simultaneous interpretation

After the seminar all the students get a certificate and training appliances in English.

Main seminar topics:

Client service

Client groups. Quality models. Leadership. Lecturer – Jordi Pujol, General manager of the Plato Hospital.

Professional qualities. Managing procedures in a medical institution. Instant results improvement. Lecturer – Tomas Alonco, chief medical officer of the Plato Hospital.

Social and corporate management. Groups of interests. Strategy and policy of reputation and image improvement. Lecturer – Anna Jover, chief officer of social and corporate management.

Client service. Dealing with comments, claims and thanks comments. Lecturer – Marta Barahona, client service coordinator of the Plato Hospital.

Documents management. Quality benchmarks. Lecturer – Cristina Martinez, quality coordinator of the Plata Hospital.

Outsourcing services. Statistics and quality monitoring. Lecturer – Pere Sols, chief financial officer of the Plata Hospital.

Basic aspects to organise work in a CANTACT CENTRE. A lecture with attending a CONTACT CENTRE – SEM (Sistema de Emergencias Médicas) of Catalonia government.

Conceptional architecture of a CONTACT CENTRE. Technical suppliance and IT solutions. Means to increase services efficiency.

Building a scheme of receiving calls and other clients contacts.

Routing and setting (answering machines, telling approximate expectation time, authomatic information systems and others) clients contacts.

Techniques of quality monitoring for a CONTACT CENTRE.

Instruments of quality evaluation. Dealing with claims.

The seminar cost is 8000 €
Seminar “Intensive course of auxiliary reproduction”

The course lasts 25 hours within 5 days (5 hours daily) from Monday till Friday (16:00-21:00). Each session is supposed to illustrate examples of real clinic cases and there also will be time for questions.

This course is multidiscipline orientated: gynaecologists, urologists and biologists. The course will take place in a clinical hospital. The students will be provided with interpretation service, visual support and all training appliances necessary. After the course all the students will get their certificates.

The seminar cost is 8000 €

* the price given is for all students together. It includes teachers' fees, conference hall rent, coffee-breaks, training appliances in Russian, English and Spanish. Accommodation, transport and other services are paid apart.


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