Extreme leisure in Spain

For a very active person, who is crazy about adrenalin and thrilling emotions, the company Sol V.I.P. Travel offer some activities, which might not bore anybody.

At first sight, the activities seem dangerous, although in reality, they are not: everything is going on under strict control of professionals. Anyhow, if it is necessary, a professional instructor may participate in the activity, together with you.

Having a wide range of entertainments at their disposal, the Sol V.I.P. Travel managers will offer you something especially interesting, including your most extraordinary wish. The latter may be discussed, and a necessary proposal will be elaborated.

Formula One Racer

Sol-V.I.P Travel may offer you to hold the steering wheel of a Formula One sport car. In a small town, like Montmeló you will become a real racing driver. Do not worry, if it is raining. Special car tires will be put on the wheels of your car, for you to be safe and sound. Moreover, before such a motor racing, detailed instructions will be given to you. You will learn security rules, peculiarities of your race circuit and of your sport car; at the end of “the lesson”, you will be told about some technical features of Formula One sport cars.

After having received the instructions, you will be provided with a special suit. Finally, being guided by a coach, you will drive one lap of the race circuit, sitting in a Hammer. Your personal motor racing will be finished with champagne, diploma and numerous photos.


  • valid driving license
  • age – over 18 years
  • weight not more than 105 kg
  • height 1,50 m -1,95 m
  • shoe size – maximum the 46th(Russia), 47 (Europe), 14 (USA), 12 (England)



Zorbing — driving inside of a huge ball

Zorb is a huge balloon with the 3 m radius; its capacity is for 2 people and its speed is quite high – 40 km/h. Although zorbing is a young activity, it is quite popular with active people.


  • age over 12 years
  • height above 1,4 m
  • comfortable shoes and clothes

Contraindicative for:

  • pregnant women
  • people with neck or back problems
  • recently operated people
  • people with hypertension



Helicopter tours over Barcelona and suburbs

From a bird's eye view, you may contemplate breathtaking views of the city, enjoy the amazing urban architecture, which you, probably, read or heard about, admire sea landscapes, suburbs of Catalonia metropolis, observe best coasts, mountains and many other things.

Duration – 15 minutes.

Number of people – from 2 (min.) to 6 (max.).

Routes – more than 5 different ones.

Helicopter tours will be amazing possibilities to familiarize with Barcelona and its suburbs.

1.500 meters free fall

We can arrange unforgettable parachute 1 500 m height free falls, personally assisted by professional instructors. It is one of the most extreme sport activities. Much courage is needed to practice it.

You will be provided with all equipment and a 15 minutes long instruction lesson. Being you and your instructor at the 1 500 meters height, the instructor will open your parachutes and you will enjoy a 10 minutes long hovering over, in the sky!

Paying some extra money, you will have an opportunity to make a picture or shoot a video film of your jump.


  • weight - 100 kg (max.)
  • comfortable sportswear

 Contraindicative for:

  • pregnant women
  • people with heart troubles
  • people with bone diseases

Путешествие на воздушном шаре_FINAL



Ballooning is an original activity, which will present you with thrilling emotions. The activity is being held not far from Barcelona.

Duration –1 hour.

Number of people – from 1 to 200.

Two things: the State Agency of Aviation safety license and official accreditation are the necessary requirements for agencies, which pretend to work with us.

We have 6 different programs for families, corporate groups, etc.

Useful information:

ballooning is being held all year round, depending only on weather conditions.

It is not recommended for:

  • pregnant women
  • children under 6 years


Please, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions: booking@solviptravel.com

Phone: (+34) 609 370 009

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