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Training in IAVANTE is a response to specific needs of practitioners who are aimed to develop and improve their skills (knowledge, abilities and approaches).

IAVANTE is a technical development and professional training fund for medical practitioners. This fund belongs to the public health and social ensuring ministry of Andalusia.

IAVENTE's personnel counts with more than 860 professionals. They are representatives of Andalusia public health service, experts in health care, education, economy, new technologies, communications and marketing.
The training takes place in CMAT educational centre.

CMAT (ultra-modern simulation studying office) provides IAVANTE with powerful innovative infrastructure. CMAT's Technological resources and its teaching model make IAVANTE so unique educational centre in Europe.

In its catalogue there are more than 100 programs offered, they all are organised into training courses: emergencies medical aid, programs for professional of different descriptions and certainly, surgery programs.

All the courses are designed to let you gain some exact skills. That becomes possible thanks to using innovative techniques in the training process, such as:

• Robotised simulation
• Virtual simulation
• Theatrical simulation
• Video analysis
• Experimental surgery
• Computer education

All of these methods are used separately or within combinations depending on each skill's requirements.


Since 2003, 83000 professionals have studied here. In 2010, IAVANTE prepared 13 378 medical practitioners. Moreover, the number of courses increased from 982 in 2009 to 1084 in 2010.

Main profiles of the IAVANTE alumni are: different doctors (40%), nurses (25%) and other practitioners of health care system (35%).

More than 16% of students come from foreign countries.
Their satisfaction level has exceeded 85%, and 96% among surgery trainings.


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