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Olympic Spain

You have a unique opportunity to recreate the atmosphere of the Olympic Games within 4 hours or more as you wish. During this period of time you will test your durability, demonstrate your experience, knowledge and skills showing team spirit. Depending on the size of the group you will have as a minimum 10 different activities. The cycle of the activities will be based on contrasting effect in order to give additional dynamic to the event. Optionally all activities can only be with a sports character and also standard variant (rope course, team orientation, etc.). Big advantage of "the Olympic Games" is platform choice. You are free to choose: Olympic stadium, beach, park, hotel territory and others.


Football in bubble

Skills of football game won't be necessary for you at all. Your aim is to show team spirit. The team will be divided into 2 parts, the purpose of each team is to gain highest number of scores compare to competitors. The game in bubble as minimum incredibly interesting entertainment, unforgettable emotions and what is more important absolutely safety activity. During our long practice there was not fixed any damages. Besides football in bubble we also can offer sumo, battle and a lot of different options.


Search of a city treasure

The main aim of this activity is to study independently the main sights of the city  working in a team. This game includes the following elements such as: erudition, physical endurance and patience. It allows opening each participant from absolutely new side. The team will be provided with minimum set of "tools" like: a map, a questionary, digital camera etc. in order to search of a treasure. Depends on your preferences you can choose any topic: modernism, gastronomy, history and other combinations.


Photo rally

Each team has to find sight breaking a language barrier, using provided hints like a small fragment of the object in the photo, also using knowledge of local people. When the object is found you should make a photo on the background as a witness. At the end of the game independent expert will choose the best photo and declare the winner.


Day of multiactivities on a beach

Depending on the preferences of participants, we will carefully select activities and develop the most interesting program. Attention will be given to each participant that means the games will be focused both on physical activity and on personal enrichment. As a result suck kind of attitude will give a chance to gain points using maximum potential of each member of the team. Most preferable activities: volleyball, towers from sand, etc.


Medieval games

Owing to fascinating and wide range of Medieval Epoch games participants will be able to make a kind of return to the past feeling the atmosphere of Medieval Europe. All activities have an aim to achieve potential of each participant and demonstrate team spirit and productive collaboration. All participants will be given costumes of 16 century in order to give additional feelings of ancient atmosphere.Medieval games


Movie reconstruction scenario

It is quite original and fascinating action to act in a film under the direction of a very well skilled professional. Beforehand participants are given scenario and the rest of the performance only depends on "the main heroes" of the performance. Unforgettable and rememberable impressions are guaranteed! People will have an opportunity to try to work in absolutely new atmosphere showing their skills, moreover gain "Oscar" for the best movie.


Art of graffiti

It is quite creative and difficult task to create masterpiece using company logo, brand colours, etc. But from the other side creative process, expectations of the final result and the announcement of a winner is interesting and grabs attention of each participant. In order to add dynamic to the action we can invite professional DJ and make this day really unforgettable.

Big picture

It seems that there is no better option to unite a group of people as creation of one picture by all participants. Only really team-oriented people are able to realize this task like choosing the plot of the picture, placement of the main elements, colour using, method of execution etc. Big picture task can consist of different fragments, for example each team paint one of the fragments and at the end small pictures unite into a big picture or each group use only a certain style of painting etc.


Creative painting

From the first view it seems that the task is a very simple and a bit boring. But finally many participants are surprised with the final result and many of them discover a new artistic talent.  Does not matter the final aim of this task whether it is group competition or individual one, the main task is to deep into relax and joy atmosphere without serious competition or barriers only positive emotions and nothing more.


Mosaic art

This fascinating and informative activity will allow you to expand your knowledge in mosaic history, to create your own masterpiece or try to recreate masterpiece. Depends on the task   activity can have competitive character or achievement of potential of each participant.


Sailing competition

It is a very original way of team building. During travel on the ship the team has to demonstrate the best characteristics like: well-coordinated work, solution of a difficulty in limited time conditions, cooperation with skipper etc. each team will have its own yacht and of course before the competition will be given an instruction. Furthermore it is an excellent opportunity to see Mediterranean Coast.


High Barcelona

The team will be given a simple set: 100 straws, A4 paper, a box of plasticine and measurer. What should the team do? Everything is simple the team should build Spain highest buildings like: tv tower, Sagrada Familia, Kamp-nou's stadium and many other things. The main difficulty for the new coming architects consists of hold- out construction until the winner is announced. You are free to choose location it can be  a beach with a spectacular view to the city o park and so on.


Bicycle adventure rally

Each team will be provided with its own route that includes a list of certain tasks (creative, adventurous etc. ). The main aim is to reach a final point as soon as possible. But during the rally the group should visit all sights answering the questions, making fotos and so on. It is quite adventurous and educational pastime that will help you to focus on team building, group integration and so on in a completely new atmosphere.


In a colorful suit, to the accompaniment of professional musicians and assistance of professional instructor you will try a new role as a flamenco dancer. It is impossible to imagine more emotional action! Does not matter how plastic and flexible you are because professional assistant will give you basic skills in order you could demonstrate fantastic performance. We also can suggest catering during this action.


Video clip

Each group of participants will be given a text of popular song.  The main task is to produce a video clip studying the city sights. There is wide field for creativity and even more than enough because nobody will put any restrictions each group are free to provide its own vision. Participants will provide a final result to an independent expert. The winner of the competition will be more creative, interesting and funny video clip.


Rumba performance

Experienced instructor will provide participants with preliminary dance classes will give basic and interesting information about this lively dance. When groups are prepared enough they make performance in front of the other participants. And as result of the whole competition day all groups unite in order to have general dance to the orchestra accompaniment. It is amazing and really unforgettable activity.


Participant will have a chance to repeat an experience of a successful people. Under the direction of a strong and taught manager each team should develop and launch/relaunch a new product, create promotional business plan etc. It is only the part of the task the main aim of the activity is to identify and develop inside of the group leadership, innovations, team working and competition spirit.  This activity will help to discover people from another point of view.


Golf session

It is extraordinary way of pastime for a team. We can develop a special program with competition elements or depends on the wishes something calm, relaxing but of course interesting. Each participant will be given preliminary golf class and instructor will provide people with useful and interesting information about this game. The day in luxury and elegant atmosphere is quite significant impact into further profitable work of the team.



It is cultural and sporting event with a certain methodology that has an aim to create a tower from people. This activity is accompanied by music and special instructors. The main aim of the activity is to demonstrate interaction between colleagues, responsibility subdivision, leadership skills, moderation, correct planification, discipline maintenance in general all basic skills of team work.


Formula 2000

Each team is given a certain tools and basic materials for creation of its own vehicle. It does not matter whether it is flying sweeper, one-wheeled car etc., everything depends on fantasy of participants. When vehicle is prepared participants shall pass through barrier zone as quick as possible. If your team is the first it means you have won a competition.


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