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With the Sol VIP Travel company you can discover the best places in the Basque Country.

If you want to see one of the most unusual areas of Europe you should definitely go to the Basque Country!

Baskoniya  is  unusual and quite original province of Spain. It is so peculiar that quite often is called as “the country”,  the Basque Country. The Country is located on the bank of the Kantabriya sea, occupying both sides of the Pyrenees and divide into Spanish and French parts. The Basque Country in Spain is an autonomous region and quite strong differs from other regions.

Here there are its own traditions, language also dominate independent mentality of mountaineers. By the way, the language is so unique that language experts steel can't find the roots. It is identified that the Basque language is isolated.

Why you should discover this region?

Only in Cantabria there is such a beautiful mountain scene, such soft oceanic climate. That is why Cantabria beaches are the most prestigious and expensive among the whole Spain. Here the summer is not so hot and the winter is quite mild. The best time for visiting is from May till September.

More than one hundred years Cantabria beaches attract the European aristocracy, including royal family.

San Sebastian luxurious resort located on the bank of the bay and has a shape of a pearl. It is one of the most prestigious resorts in Europe.

The coast of the Basque Country is a very picturesque.  From the one side there is a sea shore with a lot of bays and from the other side there are beautiful mountains or another name is   Basque mountains. There are amazing valleys between the sea shore and the mountains. Don’t miss a chance to walk around amazing landscapes! Trekking is quite well-developed here. There are both as difficult routes as simple ones.

Where to go and what should you do in the Basque Country?

If you are interested in natural sights you should follow to the natural pack located in the West side. It is famous for a huge shelter for migratory birds.

If you are interested in historical and cultural monuments!

In the Basque Country you will find ancient Roman, Middle Ages, Modern time sightseeing and many others. In Salinas de Añana with the same technologies still extract salt in the mines opened by ancient Romans!

In Vitoria is the capital of the Basque Country you should definitely look at Nuestra Senora de Estibaliz church built in the XI century in Romance style. And Santa Maria Cathedral  was constructed in the XIV century and made in Gothic style. In the Cathedral there are Rubens pictures.

In order to see XVI-XIX century’ stone architecture you should go to Bera-de-Bidasoa village. Amazing ancient private residences you will see in Segura. Ruins of the ancient cities you will find near Costa Basque beach. And of course a lot of medieval temples and other buildings it is possible to see in Bilbao.

the Basque Country  is also famous for a huge number of modern art monuments like: sculptures, architectural constructions, collections of modern art and installations in museums. One of the most interesting sights is El-Peyne-del-Vyento ("A wind crest") in San Sebastian, the glass bridge over the river Nervion to Bilbao, original building of the Museum of Modern Art in Bilbao.

But the most famous sight of the Basque Country is the unique Vizcaya Bridge that was built in the XIX century. It is  "the flying ferry"  where you can take a turn there and back  from Portugaleta city to Las-Arenas city.

What else can you do being in the Country?

In the Basque Country there are a lot of museums for visiting especially in Bilbao. You can visit Alava's Museum, playing cards museum of, archeology museums and many others.By the way, don't forget to buy a pack of playing cards in the capital of Baskoniya because it is one of "brand" of the city.

Do you want to feel authenticity of the Basque Country culture?

We would recommend you visiting Gipuskoa. Take classes of local dancers, get acquainted with Basques folklore.  Choose special time of your visit when there is carnival in Tolosa or competition of shepherd's dogs in Bilbao.

And of course treat yourself with delicious Basque cuisine and local vine that is called chakhol. We are pretty sure you will have a desire to come back again to the Basque Country.


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