New Year in the Canary Islands

New Year in the Canary Islands - SOL VIP Travel Company in Spain
Dear Colleagues, Winter will come soon, which means that it is worth thinking about planning the celebration of this bright holiday already now! The situation faced by the whole world still did not come to an end, but we do not give up on hoping for  opening the borders for you, our dear colleagues and,


Paco Montanes - Blog Post 3
Dear Colleagues, We are in a hurry to share important news! Spain is a land of sunshine and stunning beaches, where its artistic heritage delights any visitor. Today we present to you one of the contemporary artists who best represents a long-standing tradition – portraiture. Together with Paco, we strive to popularize art to the
Traveller Made Certification
As you know, we have been partners of Traveler Made for a long time and this year we became the winners of this prestigious award from this association. This is very important for us, and we hope you can support us in our future success! And also, it will help to gain trust even more

Special Offer – Tenerife

Tenerife Landscape - Blog Post Special Offer Tenerife - SolvipTravel
We would like to share with you the proposals of our partners in Tenerife! As a rule, tourists start to get acquainted with the Canary Islands from Tenerife. There are good reasons for this. A wide range of accommodation options, the best infrastructure, an extensive excursion program for children and adults, direct flights from Moscow
The most popular online magazine of Spain Agenttravel published the article of Sol-VIP Travel. We are happy to share great news with our Partners! Sol-VIP Travel has reopened the Department specializing in travel to Russia and the CIS countries. Before, during and after the trip, Sol VIP Travel will do the best for the client

Top Destinations Spain

St. Valentine´s Day
Spain is a land of wonders. The wonder is its diverse climate, the wonder is its golden sea coast, the wonder is Spanish amazing nature in general. As to Spanish unique culture, it is an infinite charming world. One may find any type of holiday in Spain, according to what one likes. 6,000 kilometres of

Belens at Spanish Christmas

Dulces navideños españoles
Spanish Christmas is the main and beloved feast in Spain. Every year it is expected by everybody: the children and the adults, the rich and the poor, the believers and non believers. Numerous preparations are being started long before the solemn Day One of the characteristic and popular Christmas Spain facts, is to make Belens.

Spain Interesting Facts

The origin of the name – Spain, is not clear and causes lots of scientific discussions. Anyhow, the most generally accepted theory is the following: the name, given by the Carthaginians, was – Hispania, which means – “land of the rabbits”. The toponym was later latinised by the Romans and became its existence as Hispania;

A wonderful Seville hotel Alfonso XIII

Hotel Alfonso XIII
A wonderful Seville Hotel The hotel Alfonso XIII, belonging to a Luxury Collection, is one of the most prestigious Spanish hotels. The Hotel was opened in 1928, and from the very beginning had been planned for sophisticated people. Namely, King Alfonso XIII (1886-1941) friends and visitors of the Iberoamerican Exposition, held from 9, May 1929
Hospes Palacio del Bailio
Hospes Palacio del Bailio This hotel, situated in the very centre of ancient Córdoba, is a palace of the XVI-th century. This part of the city is the historic one, where we find the church of Sta.Marina – XIII-th century (400m from the hotel), the Archeological Museum of Córdoba -XVI century (600 m from the

Best restaurants in Andalucia

Best restaurants in andalucia
Spanish travel The best restaurants in Andalucía, the food and tapas restaurants will make your trip to Spain memorable either when travelling for leisure or business matters. To enjoy your time in the new area, you should have an idea of how things should be in the new place. Landing in Spain will be the

Andulisian Gazpacho Recipe

Andulisian Gazpacho Recipe
Gazpacho happens to be a very tasty soup prepared with raw blended vegetables that is best served when chilled. It first originated from the South Spain area of Andalusia and is particularly very popular in Cordoba along with Seville. Due to its emergence from this region of Spain, it is also commonly fondly referred to

The spanish flamenco dance

flamenco dance
Flamenco dancing history Flamenco dancing was originated in a region called Andalusia in Spain. This type of dancing is native to the Andalusian people. Also, it is influenced by other cultures such as Sephardic, Moorish, and Byzantine. The influences of the different cultures in the flamenco dance happened during the 1400 A.D. The term flamenco

Maria Luisa Park by Horse and Carriage

Maria Luisa Park by Horse and Carriage
There are so many things to do in the province of Seville, but top on the bucket list has to be taking a horse and carriage through Maria Luisa park, once owned by the Royal Family. Even if traditional horse and carriage rides aren’t your type of thing, this is the best way to view
Are you planning to visit Andalusia that’s situated in southern Spain? Well, this well-known tourist hot-spot is famous for its polished architecture, distinctive landmarks, and beautiful scenic beauty. Apart from that, Andalusia is the home of “Spanish equestrian art”. For example, the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art (an internationally-renowned institution) is situated in Andalusia
Las Alpujarras
With the rise in mercury, you must me looking out for flight deals to head to Alpujaras; the gorgeous location with the special place in sun to receive much wanted rays. The beautiful foothills of the Sierra Nevada, the rising and falling countryside of the Alpujarras anticipate you and your family – and believe me,

Doñana, European Ecology Reserve

Doñana, European Ecology Reserve
Every vacation destination on the planet has a “must visit” location; that one spot that will turn your vacation into a living fantasy. If you are touring Spain, this mystic spot is located far to the south in Andalusia. Doñana has been an ecological preserve since 1969 and invites visitors to experience an ever-changing landscape

Cathedrals In Andalusia: The Art Of Fusion

Cathedrals In Andalusia: The Art Of Fusion
The amazing region of Andalusia Andalusia is one of the most famous and at the same time popular regions in Spain, one that attracts millions of visitors every year. Tourists describe it as a fascinating place where the spectacular Moorish monuments, the picturesque white hills towns, the amazingly sparkling blue coast and the splendid natural

Sagrada Familia in Barcelona

Sagrada Familia in Barcelona
Sagrada Familia in Barcelona Sagrada Familia Barcelona is a huge Roman Catholic church which is designed by Antoni Gaudi. This unfinished temple is a part of UNESCO World Heritage Site and was consecrated by the Pope Benedict XVI in the year 2010. This temple attracts visitors from all around the world. The history behind the

Valencia Bus Turístic

Valencia Bus Turístic
Valencia is the third largest city after Madrid and Barcelona in Spain. This is a very wonderful and lively city.

Best Spain tours

Best Spain tours are numerous Best Spain tours are numerous. One of them is a tour to Costa del Sol. 300 kilometres of crystal blue sea, golden sand and sunny sweet breeze, in the south-west of the Iberian Peninsula, is a special place for rest. Not only these wonderful climatic characteristics, but also a well-developed


Andalusia, Spain is an incredibly beautiful land in the southern part of the Iberian Peninsula. The former Islamic state, which occupied nearly the whole territory of Iberia, represents now one of the largest autonomous communities of the kingdom of Spain. Andalusia, is the second of the widest territories of the kingdom, is the first, as
Luxury Tourism Destinations – New York and Barcelona
According to one of  Condé Nast Johansens investigations data, New York and Barcelona are two touristic centres in the world, mostly visited by wealthy people. The same people with high incomes, who would like visiting Florence, Paris, Rome, Venice, Dublin, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Vienna, are keen on the above mentioned preferences, as well. As to accommodation

History of Barcelona

History of Barcelona
Barcelona Spain history is great and glorious. Right from the start it has been the history of a very important settlement. The most interesting thing seems to be – the remains from the early Chalcolithic and Neolithic periods. The Laietani (Iberians) settled on the Taber hill (modern Ciutat Vella) and at Laie, situated on the

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