Collaboration with MICE - advantages of "Sol-VIP Travel"

"The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page." Saint Augustine

Working with people, who do travel, we present them with the opportunity, to read not only many pages, but the most interesting of the pages. The pages, named MICE, which means - Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, Exhibitions.

We arrange and realize lots of events according to exclusive VIP programmes, with characteristic services. They, however "work together", that is - each detail is fixed and coordinated among the participants. Paying the strongest attention to our responsibility, we offer VIP services in reservation of hotels and provide premium facilities for conferences: hall - area capacity, equipment, type of seating, stationary materials, IT support, etc.

In our company, this is considered to be the safest policy, which permits to avoid all kinds of mistakes. Each hall - area capacity is extremely important, because it should fit for the amount of people, taking part in the event. The area should be neither too big, nor too small for the people, gathered in. A spacious room for a small group of people may produce the effect of disunity, isolation; meanwhile a small room for many people will simply accumulate thick air.

Equipment is absolutely important for any modern meeting of any kind. We cannot do without videos, microphones, air conditioning, convenient illumination, etc. Type of seating is extremely important in order to arrange comfortable and successful development of any scientific, cultural, entertaining activity. A lot of interesting themes to discuss are previewed for our guests, thus, a lot of stationary materials are prepared for them, as well: booklets, photos, press - releases, etc.

IT support is an important instrument, which cannot be avoided nowadays. It gives all kinds of modern immediate help in the development of any modern activity.

Our working principle, as it has been already mentioned is - the highest level of personal and collective responsibility, in all what we are doing. We do not offer our clients anything, which is doubtful for us, personally, from the point of view of the highest level. Your attention will be directed to any kind of our concierge services, only if we are sure they are of the supreme quality.

The least shortcoming and the slightest doubt are eliminated immediately by our specialists. The personal responsibility is the prestige of each employee and the collective responsibility is the prestige of our company, widely known as a Destination Management Company, working under the tailor-made travels, approach.

Whatever demands our clients have, "Sol-VIP Travel" correspond to the expectations.

Meetings and negotiations with partners

"I am not the same, having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world." - Mary Anne Radmacher

The more intensive and exhaustive our life is, the more demanding is our necessity to travel. On the one hand, we realize just business trips; one the other hand, we meet our business partners as nice friends and have good time together. Sol-Vip Travel arranges business VIP tours and luxury leisure.

As to business meetings, we offer:

  • meetings with management and colleagues of representatives/ branches/ affiliated structures. We offer business meetings, negotiations, discussions, coordination of future plans, mutual reports, reviews of world situation in a target branch of activity, etc.
  • representations and branches work inspection. You may participate in interesting sittings, devoted to representation of innovative projects, discoveries, ideas. We also help to organize work inspections, where you may pay attention to the results of yours and your partners' activity, compare the achievements, give and receive some piece of advice on needed subjects, etc.
  • business contacts establishment and setting up. One of the most important sides of any undertaking is to establish new business contacts and set up new enterprises. We offer our help in this aspect, organizing comfortable atmosphere for your meetings with actual and future partners: suitable time, convenient climate control, nice music during recesses, well-equipped halls, or other areas, comfortable seating, etc.
  • visiting of exhibitions, conferences, etc. Not less important for exclusive VIP programmes, is to visit exhibitions and assist conferences. We are quite sensitive to your interests in this aspect, and offer you various activities of this type.
  • employees training. We are progressing only, if we are developing our skills constantly. It is true to an individual person and to any company, as a whole. Our specialists are constantly perfect their individual abilities, that is Sol-Vip Travel pays much attention to employees training.

Useful information

International Association of the Congresses and Conferences (ICCA) informs that in 2014, Barcelona and Madrid had Top positions as venue cities.

Important to know

Why should you work with us?

  • Our conditions pleasantly surprise our clients, because we work without intermediaries.
  • Our work is free from failures, because all the parts of the chain, representing any activity arrangement, are perfectly known to us.
  • Our “Golden Rule” to follow is:

Correct planning – Prevents Bad Practice

Goal achievement is our main task. We organize business trips, according to the following list of services:

  • visa support
  • hotel booking
  • transport services
  • allocation of accommodation for an event development
  • variety of restaurant choice
  • variety of cultural programmes
  • high level translation
  • events check-in

Incentives and Team Building

"Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore." - Andre Gide

Useful information

If you visit Spain, Sol-VIP Travel as a leading DMC, offers the best VIP services for your VIP tours. A better country, than Spain can be hardly imagined, if your aim is to arrange business meetings, leisure time or cultural events with your business partners, old chaps or family members.

Spain provides you with everything you need:

  • highly developed infrastructure; many means of transport are at your disposal: electric trains, buses, metro, taxi. You may use telephone, post office, internet and other services. Lots of restaurants, bars, coffee bars are waiting for you. Parks, gardens, the most beautiful squares and streets invite you days and nights.
  • marvellous Mediterranean climate. This climate is something, which cannot be described, it can only be admired and experienced.
  • rich historical heritage. Museums and galleries, national and private, enormous and small, with hundreds of thousands of exhibits and museums of only one picture; museums of art (ancient and modern), of history, of natural sciences, memorial houses of worldwide known writers, painters, actors and what not...
  • exquisite gastronomy, amazing variety of dishes. Spanish cuisine is known to everybody. Hamón, aceite de oliva, gazpacho, turrón, paella, jeréz, etc., do not need to be presented. Nevertheless, more and more gastronomic wonders are waiting for a traveller in Spain.
  • security, as well as lots of entertainments. Spain is a very safe country, day and night. Its' day and night life is rich and full of entertainments.

Important to know

  • More, than 20 years of arranging and management of various events is much experience. This experience is our warranty of valuable knowledge and high skills, of goal achievement and maximum devotion to our company.
  • The world of travel does not have secrets from us, because we always keep in touch with it. The most up to date information is available for Sol-VIP Travel. It gives us the opportunity to offer our clients, more than 50 types of leisure;
  • Constant professional training permits our staff to be at the top of their tourist management mastery.

Programme features

  • All programmes last from 3 to 7 days. It may correspond to your life style, time available, disposable budget, and other things.
  • Every programme can be changed according to your wish (duration, activities, timing, etc.) May be, you will be inclined to repeat some of the activities offered and exclude the others. Our incentives are quite flexible.
  • A supporting timetable is recommendable; it will give you more information about the range of services, we offer.


"We travel, some of us forever, to seek other places, other lives, other souls." - Anais Nin

We offer you lots of possibilities to know much information about various spheres of life of numerous countries, at the opinion exchange in the development of various public events. According to our exclusive VIP programmes, we arrange: conferences and seminars for dealers.

Dealers' activity, that is purchase contract or representation of producer interests in the area of his/her goods - brand in the market, is discussed, sophisticated piece of advice are given, new business relationships in the sphere of sale are established, main and additional functions, such as rights and responsibilities are determined, for both parts.

Our conferences may offer you assistance, if your activity as a dealer is not too successful or if you decided to pass this activity to another person. Specialists, who come to our conferences, are experts in this sphere of trade and representation aspects.

  • new product presentations to customers. One of the most interesting things in the sphere of trade is to present new products. It is fascinating not only for a manufacturer, but also for future customers: wholesale buyers, distributers and small consumers. Everybody will find answers to their questions, participating in our conferences and seminars.
  • trainings, seminars, meetings, workshops (agriculture, medicine, fashion, huge event organization and management, tourism, gastronomy). All the specialists, who conduct theoretical conferences and give practical classes, are experts in their scientific and practice matters. This is the reason, why lecturers and the highly respected by us, future listeners, are given VIP services by Sol-VIP Travel.

Useful information

"International Congress Association" informs, that in 2014, USA, Spain and Germany were at the TOP position among three leading countries, which conducted business events. Spain is the third, concerning the number of meetings held, and has left behind such country as Germany, as to the number of participants in various public events.

Important to know

Only we have the “know how” technology, concerning successful meeting organization. Our principle is - constant development in all spheres of our activity as an incoming tour operator. This wise policy gives us the possibility to improve constantly, our good results.

  • we are the best in organization of meetings and our statistics, experience, quantity of conducted events and what is more important - permanent staff, confirm this;
  • we have permanent MICE clients such as Tourism de Barcelona, Barcelona Medical Agency, Barcelona Centro Medico, HOSPES HOTELS Infinite Places, INMOBILIARIA MAR and many others.

The list of conferences/presentation/training organization services

  • hotel booking
  • transport services
  • allocation of accommodation for an event development
  • variety of restaurant choice
  • variety of cultural programmes
  • high level translation
  • conferences/presentation/training check-in
  • various discussion platforms
  • business coaches

The following themes are offered for discussions and opinion exchange


Spain is a successful example of rich harvests in dry territories. Our agency is located in Spain, thus, we personally know each professional, working in the sphere of agriculture. This widens considerably the range of our business contacts and permits to organize meetings/seminars/workshops, etc., for you. The following topics are offered: • animal industry • fishing industry (Spain is TOP 5 leading countries in the sector) • grapes cultivation • irrigation system • fertilization • and many other topics


Spaniards are famous patriots of their motherland, that is why wear exclusively, Spanish made clothes, especially of such Spanish brands as: Armand Basi, RobertoVerino, Victorio & Lucchino, Jesusdel Pozo, Сusto Barcelona, Antonio Garcia, Agatha Ruizdela Prada and many others. Such brand names as Zara, Bershka, Mango and Stradivarius are famous all over Europe. The garments are not too expensive, but highly stylish. At our conferences etc., you may get acquainted, exchange and offer yourself, much useful and sophisticated information on a theme, interesting for you.

Huge event organization and management

We are one of the most important participants in MICE tourism. The present article, as a whole gets you familiar with our general policy and concrete examples of how we arrange and manage huge events.


Spain is a touristic country. In 2015, 70 million tourists visited Spain, in 2016 the number of tourists increased and got to its’ record – 75 million tourists. Much to talk about, isn’t it? Our conferences, etc. give you this exclusive opportunity. Beach tourism Cultural tourism Festivals And so on and so forth.


"The gladdest moment in human life, methinks, is a departure into unknown lands." - Sir Richard Burton

Useful information

The number of exhibitions hold yearly, makes Europe the main exhibition region. Three countries are at the top of the exhibition European range. They are Spain, France and Germany. Spain occupies the first position in the sphere of food exhibitions. Madrid and Barcelona are the favourite cities, meanwhile, March, April and November are the favourite months to hold exhibitions.

Important to know

  • during high season when the most popular exhibitions are held, we always have vacant rooms for our guests. Long-standing partnership with numerous hotels permits us to guarantee our guests a wide range of accommodation types;
  • we may provide you with professionals in the area of translation, guide assistance, transport (drivers) and security;
  • The most important exhibition organizers are the "Sol-VIP Travel" direct business partners. This allows solving quickly every problem, concerning organization, participation, conduction etc. "Sol-VIP Travel" is a member of Catalunya Convention Bureau. Catalunya Convention Bureau (CCB) was established five years ago. The main goal of the Bureau is to become the leading institution in the sphere of business tourism, dealing with business meetings, conferences, exhibitions (MICE), and to improve collaboration between various sectors of the existing market, which are situated in Barcelona. One more important goal is to make its’ own potential more popular, as well.

The list of exhibition organization services

  • hotel booking
  • transport services
  • search of the appropriate staff for involvement in an exhibition (translators, guides assistants, drivers, etc.)
  • variety of restaurant choice
  • variety of cultural programmes and their elaboration
  • exhibition check-in

"Adventure is worthwhile." - Aesop

"Traveling - it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller." - Ibn Battuta

"A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles." - Tim Cahill

There are lots and lots of opinions of people about travels, their aims and their results. All of these wise thoughts describe or characterize various aspects of Sol-VIP Travel as the leading Destination Management Company in MICE tourism.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions: booking@solviptravel.com Phone: (+34) 609 370 009


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