Andalusia overview excursions

Specially for active recreation fans Sol VIP Travel experts developed fascinating trips. These trips cover the most interesting sights and regions. Such kind of trips last both as several days as several weeks depends on your request.

All tickets, hotel booking, car rent and so on are done without intermediate party. We have a lot of discounts and proposals that is why you will be surprised with our price policy. We also can offer you 3 o 6 hours short-term trip in a car. One of the most famous cities in Andalucía for visiting.


It is a capital of Andalucia and Sevella is one of the most beautiful cities in the whole Europe. Sevilla is not only the fourth largest city in Spain but also quite big industrial, touristic and shopping center. The Arab historian Al Sakongdi wrote about this amazing city: "Who didn't visit  Seville didn't see a miracle".

Seville is a homeland of Spanish authentic traditions like bright flamenco, fascinating bullfight, passionate Spanish guitar and others.


Granada is located on the bottom of The Sierra Navada mountain range. Here is located one of the most famous construction, related to the Islamic period of Andalusian history, the Alhambra Palace. The well-known monument of Mauritian architecture is shining with the dawn sun. Together with Albaisin Quarter, the Alhambra Palace was included in the World Heritage of UNESCO.


Cordoba is an ancient Spanish city. By the X century the city became the largest and the most developed in the whole world. The city even had name of "monastery of science" because almost all population was educated. 800 schools and 70 libraries were open during that time. 600 thousand books were stored in the largest library named after Hakem II.

Cordoba, as well as the majority of South Spainish cities, combined 3 different cultures Moslem, Judaism and Christianity. These symbiosis cultures have completely changed an outside and inner world of the city.

Near Cordoba we would recommend you to visit  Antekera (Antequera) town. The city has a name "an Andalusian stone heart ". Here narrow paved small streets, cozy green areas, squares with amazing fountains and also medieval palaces in Baroque style are harmoniously combined with each other.


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