Alhambra and arabesk secrets excursion

Alhambra_palace_1To get acquainted with the main tourist magnet in the whole Spain you can owing to our fascinating excursion. One of the XIV century poets admired with Granada saying: "Granada is the crown on Spain forehead decorated with heavenly constellations, and Alhambra is a ruby in this crown".

During the trip you will find:
who and why built Algabmra's palaces
why it has the second name "The Red Palace" what kind of technology were used in order to make its walls, the arabesques and decorating ceramic tile.

You will breath with Generalife gardens fragrances, listen purl of water, enjoy with a play of shadow and light in cozy yards, discover what “riad”means, learn about Alhambra symbols on its walls and of course read poems made on its walls as if it were a book.

You will visit sultan summer residence, Nasrid Palaces (the palace Meksuar, Golden Chambers, The Palace Komares, The Myrtaceous court yard,The Lion's court yard, Kings Chamber, Abenserakh Chamber, Two Sisters Chamber) and you will see the destroyed palace Partal and incomplete palace of Charles V.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions:
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Ph.: (+34) 93 467 48 48


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