Experimental surgical education

The method implies holding educational process in conditions that render clinical reality. Surgical operations are made on animal models and/or human anatomic body parts.

Operating rooms of CMAT IAVANTE educational offices are equipped with all necessary things which surgeons can face in their everyday work. Thus practitioners get trained in a very likely environment.

Using these educational techniques means dealing with the situations that occur in everyday work of any surgeon. All the consumables (anaesthetics, surgical equipment, cabinets and other accessories), participants' roles (nurses, actor patients, assistants, etc.) help to make studying process interesting and realistic, that means promotion for the patient safety culture.

This experimental surgical training is focused on preparation of professionals working in minimally invasive surgery and includes the following techniques:
robotised surgery (surgical system DaVinci)
laparoscopic surgery
endoscopic surgery of a skull base
endoventricular and neuroendoscopic surgery
endoscopic surgery through the natural openings (N.O.T.E.S.).


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