Transplantation program

IAVANTE and Spanish National Transplantation Organisation (ONT) is an organisation that reports to the Public Health, social ensuring and social policies Ministry. They've been partners since 2006 and participated in development and holding courses dedicated to transplantation or transplantation coordination processes.

Today there are 11 courses that have taken place in educational centres of CMAT IAVATE. The lessons are held with the usage of simulation scripts and with well-known Spanish teachers in the sphere. The former courses were highly appreciated by both the students and the teachers. These courses have great results when being applied.
The courses take place in simulation operating rooms, intensive therapy wards and consulting rooms. The students are taught to detect brain death, evaluate and conserve donors' organs and tissues. The aim of each student is to avoid worsening of the state of donor patients' organs (the patient appears to be a modern robot). Each student's work is recorded and broadcasted in the classroom.

To improve communication skills that are necessary with donors' families or mass media, the course includes interviews with actors. Also the students will view precisely ethical and legal issues concerning donorship in Spain, different agencies functions, emergency reaction methods and conserving organs and tissues. And donorship promotion strategies.

In 2010 European committee entrusted IAVANTE council with a development of educational program and coordinator in transplantation trainings for practitioners from 26 European countries. This initiative is included in IAVANTE strategy and it witnesses the success of the Spanish transplantation model.


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