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The restaurant is rather popular, although it is rather new. The atmosphere created by the chefs, with their dishes and by waiters, with their service is friendly and amiable. The pronounced freshness of the cooked food makes you feel sure, that the ingredients have just been bought at a local market.

The cuisine is creative and unusual. A classic menu may consist, for example, of an aperitif and 5-6 dishes: fried tuna with a watermelon salad, brassiere vegetables with a bit of sauce, fried meat with mashed potatoes and peas, or it may be Galician beef, with cut vegetables. To finish with, one will have various desserts: curry ice cream, banana pie, or something; wines: white wine from Galicia and red wine from Valencia

Location – Valencia, Calle Pintor Salvador Abril, 28.
Cuisine – Mediterranean, European, Spanish.
Average per/person –reasonable.