The main attraction of the restaurant is its combination of the ancient and the modern. The fact is that it is situated in the very centre of the historic old town. The interior of the establishment, however, creates the minimalist environment, which is informal and relaxing. This simplicity, according to the chefs, helps people to pay the whole of their attention to the gastronomic part of the restaurant.

The staff are proud of their innovative menu, which does not lose traditional features, and among them the main one – the freshness of the ingredients. Aperitifs, salads, rice, fish and meat dishes, variety of desserts and wines, all this is a complicated ensemble of typical Lienzo restaurant tastes and flavours.

Location – Valencia, Plaza Tetuan, 18, a la derecha.
Cuisine – Mediterranean, Spanish, for vegans.
Average per/person – Lienzo –  45 Euros, da la Chef – 75 Euros, Pincelada – 35 Euros.