Mamarosa Beach Restaurant

The restaurant is situated in Barceloneta. Being formally a small fishermen village, nowadays it is a popular tourist region of Barcelona. It attracts our attention with its history, with charming views, and with one of its restaurants, namely – an Italian beach restaurant Mama Rosa.

The atmosphere here is very fresh, because of sea breezes, entering into the restaurant space. Sitting near the sea, you will taste seafood: for instance – grilled octopus with hummus and chorizo; Italian main dish is Milanesa de pollo – breaded chicken with arugula and cherry tomato; there are lots of salads for vegans, for example – grilled vegetables with Tomino cheese, wines, desserts, etc., música en vivo.

Location – Carrer de Pérez Galdós, 40, Barcelona
Cuisine – Italian; European
Average per/person – moderate