Ricard Camarena

The Ricard Camarena is really a restaurant for special occasions. The cuisine is excellent, service is perfect and the atmosphere is cozy.

The restaurant does not have an outdoor sign, but, if you have the address, this will help. Approach to a black door and ring the bell, nothing more. Here you are. Sometimes, however, this hospitable restaurant is not so easy to enter, specially, on Saturdays and Sundays. It is better to book a table, then.

They offer two sets of dishes: a small set – with 6 dishes and a big one – with 8 dishes. The difference is just in the number of dishes, not in the variety. Lots of cold snacks, main courses and desserts are being served, during gourmet meals: ousters, mushroom risotto, salad with raw shrimps, canapes with red caviar, etc. Fine Spanish cuisine!

Location – Valencia,  Avda. Burjassot, 54.
Cuisine – Mediterranean, European, Spanish .
Average per/person –very good correlation ¨price – quality”.