The restaurant is very popular. It s always full of people, although adjacent ones may be half-empty, at the same hour. The menu is so varied, that it is worth talking about. One may taste leek with mastered, or a type of salad of pees with mayonnaise, carrots and pickled cucumber. The next dish may be cod, mackerel, then duck and eel with citrus.

One of the typical dishes is navaja and ceviche – a cold soup with mussels; then, you may order ham with a little muss, smelled like mustard. To finish with, a dessert of cheese and citrus ice cream, or milk and honey will be not wrong at all. The stuff are professional and amiable.

Location – Valencia, Carrer de la Reina Na Germana,4.
Cuisine – Mediterranean, European, Spanish.
Average per/person – 25 Euros.