Tablao de Carmen (Flamenco)

The restaurant is located in Poble Espanyol, in Montjuïc, and namely, in its’ Andalusian quarter. The restaurant Tablao de Carmen received its’ name from one of the most famous flamenco dancers – Carmen Amaya. It is a real Andalusian restaurant: because here, you may have a meal and watch real tablaos de flamenco. The place is very popular. And not only because of flamenco tablaos, but also, thanks to its genuine Andalusian cuisine. You will taste filet mignon and exquisite meat, “chorizo” and cod with “allioli”, consome with sherry and what not.

Location – Barcelona, Avenida de Francesc Ferrer I Guardia, s/n.Rambla de Catalunya, 15
Cuisine – Andalusian, Spanish
Average per/person – 55