Surprising Barcelona for more, than 25 years.

The restaurant surprises us, at the very first sight. It is a three-storied building, which offers different types of cuisine at each floor. The most beautiful is the third floor. The dining hall is situated under a glass roof and is full of natural air. The customers have their dinners under natural clouds and their suppers – under real stars.

The impression is that the restaurant lives in the air. The simplest dishes, such as: pasta, salads, truffles, seem to be unusual, in such an atmosphere. For the kitchen, the restaurant orders the freshest food. The establishment surprises with its’ wonderful dishes, although, one has to possess some special culinary experience, in order to be served just the dish, one prefers.

The prices are rather high, but they correspond to the general friendly mood, excellent service and, of course, delicious food. You would better book a table. The restaurant is always full of customers.